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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

#Partners50th Video & Photos--Relive the Action in Brazil!

WOW! What a week at Partners' 50th Anniversary Convention in Florianopolis, Brazil. It was an action-packed four days, filled with networking, re-connecting, celebrating partnerships and setting the stage for future collaboration. We're eager to build off this momentum and go further and faster--together.

For a recap of the week's highlights, don't miss the video below:

To relive the week in photos, check out our Google+ photo album, or view highlights on Facebook

To all who joined us in Brazil: muito obrigada, muchas gracias, and thank you!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

#Partners50th: Going Further and Faster [PHOTOS]

Days two and three of #Partners50th Convention in Florianopolis, Brazil were action-packed. Between A Ganar sessions on the importance of youth workforce development through sport through an inspiring panel from #PartnersYouth and former Partners Kelloggs Fellows, we took further and faster to a new level.

The A Ganar team presented on how Partners uses sport as development, and how A Ganar is effective working in high-violence communities. 

A Ganar Honduras Alumni Eddie explains challenges of living in world's most violent city, San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

A Ganar simulation, where participants learned to play adapted soccer games designed to demonstrate job skills such as teamwork and communication.

It all started with an exchange! Exchange is a powerful tool to mobilize communities, share knowledge and best practices, and build long-term collaboration between communities. Volunteer leaders shared best practices in using exchange to build impactful, long-term programs.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Eight Universities Win Funding through 100,000 Strong in the Americas

FLORIANOPOLIS, BRAZIL, September 26, 2014: U.S. Ambassador to Brazil, Liliana Ayalde, announced eight new winners of 100,000 Strong in the Americas Innovation Fund grants at Partners of the Americas’ 50th Anniversary Convention, organized with the Association of Bi-National Centers of Latin America (ABLA) to convene more than 400 leaders and volunteers from the Americas in Florianopolis, Brazil.

Partners President & CEO Steve Vetter with U.S. Ambassador to Brazil Liliana Ayalde and Valéria Rossi of ExxonMobil
This fourth round of grant funding was sponsored by the ExxonMobil Foundation and focused on promoting study abroad in engineering, physics, geology, and geophysics. Higher education institutions in the U.S. partnered with institutions in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Mexico to submit the winning proposals.

President Obama’s goal for 100,000 Strong in the Americas is to reach at least 100,000 U.S. students studying, training, or researching abroad in the countries of the Western Hemisphere each year by 2020. An equal number of students from other countries in the hemisphere are likewise expected to learn and train in the United States. The initiative is aimed at enhancing hemispheric competitiveness, at increasing prosperity, and at better preparing a globally aware workforce.

Globally, a strong emphasis on education empowers communities and builds the foundation for human progress. One area of focus for the ExxonMobil Foundation is on math and science education because these subjects are — and will increasingly be — the universal languages of the global workplace and are critical tools for success in today’s high-tech world.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

#Partners50th: Building Lasting Partnerships [PHOTOS]

It's been an exciting first two days at #Partners50th Convention in Florianopolis, Brazil. We have over 500 people from 20+ countries who are gathered here for four days of celebrating and building lasting partnerships across the Western Hemisphere. Check out the below for some of our photo highlights:

"Let's go further and faster -- together!" -Steve Vetter, Partners President and CEO

"Nothing is more powerful than convening everyone in order to share great ideas." -Jeff Brown, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Diplomacy for the Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs, recognizing #Partners50th and our legacy of leadership + partnership in the Americas. 

What happens when a volunteer-based chapter teams up with a bi-national center (BNC), a university, another NGO and/or a government entity? Magic. Partners President & CEO Steve Vetter facilitated a "Power of Three" session.

“People to people diplomacy has power. Partners of the Americas continues to thrive through citizens engaging in diplomacy, working in all ways, across the continent. We need to claim our history.”
-Dave Corcoran

#100KStrongAmericas is connecting the Western Hemisphere through young people, building a stronger workforce and promoting innovation and collaboration across borders.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dan Kammen wins the UN Big Data Climate Challenge Award

By Laura Castañon, ECPA Fellows Program

The UN Secretary-General’s climate Summit 2014 represents a turning point from climate change awareness to action. Therefore the Big Data Climate Challenge calls upon the international academic, scientific, technology and policy communities to highlight data-driven evidence to drive climate action. ECPA Fellow Dan Kammen has won the United Nations “Big Data Climate Challenge” which is being announced as part of the buildup to the UN Secretary-General’s Climate Summit at UN Headquarters in New York. Mr Kammen and his research team at Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory at University of California Berkeley have designed a model for Data and Computational Tools to Build Low-Carbon, Sustainable Energy Systems.

The Big Data Climate Challenge reward projects from around the world that use Big Data and analytics to address real world impacts of climate change. This initiative will help build public understanding of how Big Data can reveal critical insights for strengthening resilience and mitigating emissions.

The projects were selected by a high-level Advisory Board and Technical Committee of global experts in climate science, sustainable development and big data. Submissions were evaluated on their use of big data, economic relevance, stakeholder engagement, originality and scalability. There are two overall Big Data Climate Challenge winners and seven “Projects to Watch”.