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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Colombia: A “Chévere” Professional and Cultural Experience

By: Arlene Santiago, U.S. Legislative Fellow to Colombia

In Colombia, the word “chévere” is used all the time. It means great, cool, or awesome.  Chévere is the best word to describe my Partners of the Americas’ Legislative Fellowship experience in Bogotá, Colombia.  And my fellowship was all of that and more—great, cool and AWESOME! 

During my nonstop two-week fellowship, I worked at Corporación Excelencia en la Justicia (CEJ), a non-profit organization that promotes access, effectiveness and transparency of Colombia’s justice systems.  At CEJ, I was privileged to work with Partners’ alumna Paulina Dominguez Hernandez.  Her hard work and passion for equity and community representation regarding discussions of judicial reform was motivational.  By participating in meetings with senators, magistrates, judges and other stakeholders of the justice system, as well as observing court proceedings, I learned a great deal about Colombia’s justice system, its challenges and successes.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

ACT NOW! 5 days to double your impact!

Day 50 of our Next 50 Days campaign is here, but after the news we received last night, we couldn't bring an end to this campaign yet. Thanks to the generosity of two anonymous donors, every gift made over the next 5 days will be matched! That means that every dollar you give–up to $3,000–will instantly double our ability to empower local communities, promote mutual understanding, offer life-saving assistance to those in need, and build a safer, healthier, and more connected hemisphere. 

We couldn't have imagined a more exciting end to The Next 50 Days! The opportunity to expand our impact and change more lives is tremendous. Surprise gifts like these don’t come around often, and we hope you’ll help us double our impact over the next 5 days.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Announcing New Partnership with CollegeWeekLive

Partners of the Americas is thrilled to announce a new partnership with CollegeWeekLive!
CollegeWeekLive is the leading channel where students and colleges meet online. More than 1,500,000 students from 192 countries rely on CollegeWeekLive to help navigate college admission. This live channel provides unprecedented access to expert presentations and enables students to have unscripted conversations with hundreds of colleges.
Students turn to CollegeWeekLive to gain insights from current students, admission representatives, and leading experts, whether they are narrowing their choice of schools or making post admission decisions. Through live text and video chats, students, parents and counselors engage directly with colleges at every stage of the enrollment process with CollegeWeekLive.
Higher education institutions that join the Partners of the Americas network through one of the higher education membership packages are now eligible for a 15% discount on membership in CollegeWeekLive and members of CollegeWeekLive are now eligible for a 15% discount on membership in the Partners of the Americas network. 
Join today to learn more and take advantage of this fantastic new partnership, and participate in the largest international students event of the year on Nov. 19 with CollegeWeekLive - this event is free and online!  Live chat with 150+ universities reps across the U.S., Canada, Australia and more.  Sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, this event draws tens of thousands of students around the world every year.  Don't miss it - free sign up here!

Monday, November 17, 2014

La 50vo Convención de Partners: Compartiendo Amistad y Estableciendo Enlaces Importantes

Escrito Por Harry Wing, Presidente, Peru Partners

Este informe cubre las principales presentaciones, reconocimientos y actividades llevadas a cabo durante seis días en Florianópolis, Brasil, celebrando el 50vo aniversario de la existencia de Partners of the Americas. Fue organizado y patrocinado por Partners y la Asociación de los Centros Binacionales de América Latina (ABLA). Fue dividido en dos partes, la primera la Convención en la cual todos participaron y el Congreso solo para los participantes de Partners.

Reunión de la Junta Internacional

Salí de Lima el sábado 20 en la madrugada y al llegar a Florianópolis, Brasil, en la noche cené con los miembros de la Junta Internacional y los staff de Partners.

Miembros de la Junta Internacional
Los miembros de la Junta nos reunimos el domingo 21 y el lunes 22 todo el día. Estuvimos presentes 10 miembros de los 16 de la Junta. El domingo preparamos para la reunión oficial de la Junta el día siguiente. Por la mañana escuchamos el informe del comité de Program Management and Resource Development que se enfocó en los adelantos y logros de los múltiples programas de Partners. Matt Clausen nos dio una explicación del programa de PartnersConnect y la importancia de este mecanismo en facilitar la inscripción de nuevos asociados.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

ECPA Fellows Work Strengthened by the US and China Climate Agreement

By Frank Lowenstein, Senior ECPA Fellow & Deputy Director, New England Forestry Foundation

The US- China pact is a critical inflection point. Up until now climate negotiations have failed—in the most simplistic analysis—because the United States has been unwilling to commit absent commitments from rapidly growing nations like China, and rapidly growing nations have been able to stall taking action themselves because of lack of commitment by the United States. The pact breaks this deadlock, and so may represent a defining moment in the effort to preserve a livable climate for humanity and society.