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Friday, March 8, 2013

Girl's Empowerment Seminar Brazil-US

Women's empowerment is one of the biggest topics of our generation. Today, in our globalized world, the fight for the acknowledgement of human rights has evolved into actually testing the validity of these rights.

What does it mean to live in 2013 with a list of human rights written on paper and signed by every country in the world? The answer is in the effect it has on every inhabitant of the world. Every day we come across different organizations who advocate in favor of solving social issues that affect the empowerment of women such as poverty, gender inequality, health care systems, education, hunger, and others. The empowerment of women combats different stereotypes ingrained in society. The reason underneath this is the fact that a woman has equal rights in this world as a man. It is not about determining which gender is better, but to make people aware that in order to achieve true world development, individuals have to surpass stereotypes and realize that a problem is solved with unity and not segregation.

Nevertheless, the vision of Partners of the Americas towards the empowerment of women is to execute a seminar in which young women who have shown leadership in their community can interact with others from different parts of the continent, in order to acquire a different perspective on the role women play in various cultures. Therefore, Partners of the Americas is coordinating the Girl’s Empowerment Seminar Brazil- USA, where 23 young American girls will discuss topics such as women in politics, women’s rights, violence against women, and other related subjects, with a variety of young women leaders from Brazil, Jordan, and Ukraine. The Seminar promises to enrich the girl’s perspective of women in society, meaning that the knowledge acquired through the seminar can be implemented in their communities as enrichment for society.

See below for the bios of the participants in the Girl's Empowerment Seminar in Brazil next month.

Submitted by Maria Lucero, Intern for Professional Leadership Exchanges

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